Military Leadership Minor

This minor provides students with basic concepts and principles of military science and the art of leadership. Areas of study include citizenship, military history, values, ethics, integrity, honor, responsibility, management, and leadership skills. Students gain practical leadership experience, develop self-discipline, and gain confidence--all of which are valuable qualities when applied to service in a military or civilian career. In consultation with the ROTC programs, this minor is now distinct from participation in ROTC, is open to all qualified students, and does not require physical training.


Midshipmen giving orders during battalion field exercise

Naval Science Option Requirements

NAV 1102 - Seapower and Maritime Affairs

NAV 2201 - Ship Systems I: Naval Engineering

NAV 3301 - Navigation I: Piloting and Celestial Navigation

NAV 4401W - Leadership and Management

NAV 4402W - Leadership and Ethics

Complete a 3-credit philosophy, rhetoric, or leadership course approved by the Professor of Military Science (CO).