Welcome to the Department of Naval Science

The Naval Reserve Officer’s Training Corps at the University of Minnesota prepares college students for leadership roles in the Navy and Marine Corps. 

Entry into the program provides opportunities for students to earn a full-tuition scholarship, plus monthly living allowances. High school students are eligible for four year national scholarships, and current college students who apply for scholarships prior to their junior year may be eligible for two or three year scholarships.

The battalion consists of students from the University of Minnesota, St. Thomas University and Macalester College, with diverse majors from physical therapy to aerospace engineering. Graduates gain invaluable leadership experience while participating in numerous social activities.

Midshipmen are also provided the opportunity to become involved in community service and sports competitions both on-campus and off. Midshipmen are also eligible for funded overseas travel opportunities.

At graduation all Midshipmen earn the prestigious position of an Officer and leader in the Naval Service of the United States of America Armed Forces.