Freedom of Information Act:

Provided FOIA: DoD Freedom of Information Act Program.

Official Department of the Navy FOIA Website: DON FOIA.

Uniform Regulations

Navy Uniform Regulations Manual: Ch.3-Sec.2

Marine Corps Uniform Regulations: MCO P1020.34G

Physical Fitness Requirements

Navy PRT/BCA Standards: Guide 4 & 5

Marine Corps PFT/CFT Standards: MCO 6100.13

Marine Corps BC/MA Standards: MCO 6110.3

NROTC Regulations

Regulations for Officer Development: NSTC M-1533.2A

NROTC University of Minnesota Student Regulations: NROTCUOFMINST 5450.3A

Naval Service Training Command: NSTC Home Page

The History of the UMN Armory Presentation